Medical Records

A patient may receive one free copy of their records.  Any additional paper copies will be at a charge of $1.00 per page or an electronic copy of your records can be provided at a cost of $25.00.

Records requested by an attorney’s office, insurance company, etc., will be billed to the requesting attorney or company.

There is no charge for records that are being sent to another physician.

Record releases are done in the order they are received. The usual turnaround time is 7-10 days after payment has been received but may be longer.

If the records are needed by a certain date, please specify this on the release of information form and all efforts will be made to have the records ready to be picked up by that date.

Only records produced by this organization will be copied. Records produced in other healthcare facilities will not be released. If you bring records from another physician(s) office to be placed in your Western Kentucky Kidney Specialists chart, they will not be released unless you specifically request us to do so. (Please make copies of them prior to giving them to us).

Records will not be released to anyone other than the patient unless specified on the release. If you are Power of Attorney or Executrix of Estate of the patient, documentation must be presented to verify status and a copy will be placed in the chart for future reference.

If you are needing to speak with someone about Medical Records, please contact us at 270-538-5898.


Medical Records Release Form