Billing Office

Billing and Statement Process

For an overview of the insurance billing process and payment policies, visit the Billing and Statement Process page.

Insurance Carrier Participation

For the list of common insurance carriers that we participate with, visit the Insurance Carrier Participation page.

Insurance Links

For links to various insurance company websites, visit the Insurance Links page.

Patient Services Department

For information on payment arrangements, financial assistance, and the Annie Gardner Foundation, visit the Patient Services Department page.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Find out more about your rights and responsibilities by visitng the Patient Rights & Responsibilities page.

Worker's Compensation and Other Accidents

Information on worker's compensation eligibility, and accident coverage policies can be found on the Worker's Compensation and Other Accidents page.

Frequently Asked Billing Questions

We know that healthcare bills can be confusing. We have compiled some of the questions most often asked by our customers and hope the answers will help you better understand healthcare billing.